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Our 7 in 1 Solution

We offer a unique 7 in 1 solution to suite your corparate and personal needs. delivering within 24 hours locally, and 48 hours nationally.
  • Stationery: Keeping your stationery cupboard stocked is easy with Lippy’s Stationery. From the finest writing pens and markers to colourful organisational tools, we’ve got the greatest variety of the very best office supplies.

    Groceries: We all know that every office functions on a daily hit of caffeine and sugar. At Lippy’s Groceries, we’ve got your essential daily break time food and drink needs covered. Whether it’s your regular monthly order or an emergency stock up, we can provide the best in office groceries and canteen supplies.

  • Printing: Take the hassle out of sorting out your business printing with Lippy’s Printing. Our printing specialists will be able to source the best quality printing solutions for you.

    Gifting: At Lippy’s Gifts & Clothing we understand how important it is to get your company’s name out there and in front of your customers.

    PPE: We stock a wide variety of PPE & Sanatization products for your corporate compliance needs

  • Furniture: Lippy’s Furniture specialises in supplying quality office furniture in a wide variety of colours and styles. We provide furniture for any size office, from small home offices to huge commercial spaces

    Alcohol: Lippys alcohol division offers the widest and finest range of Wine, Beer, Ciders, Champagne, Spirits and Liquour. We offer a complete range of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages for your internal work functions as well as the larger events which you might host from time to time.


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